Cake Tub Flavour of the Month: November

For November we are celebrating the cooler month with one of the UK's most comforting deserts, the Bakewell tart!

I had the privilege of visiting the town of Bakewell up in the Peak District this summer, it was such a charming little place in the UK to spend a gorgeous sunny day! Bakewell is famously know for it Bakewell Pudding which I must say it was gorgeous, it was a gooey and delicious almond pudding. 

To make that self care moment even better the flavour this month is Cherry Bakewell.

With layers of almond sponge paired with a cherry creamy buttercream and cherry conserve, this is just a classic. 

Our cherry Bakewell cake tub will appear weekly throughout November in the weekly rotation of flavours. 

Tap here to purchase a cherry Bakewell cake tub!

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