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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I had the great privilege of being interviewed by BBC Radio London, speaking about my business it was such a blast. Being able to explain my story and have thousands of people listen over the UK and across the world. This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by BBC radio which was something that I’m super pleased with.

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This week has been the first week back to working on M and H after I took the break off for Christmas. The first thing I wanted to do was outline my missions for 2021. Last year was a complete whirlwind SO many things happened. I launched the cake tubs, had a couple of weddings, whilst completing huge wholesale orders and being on Not on the High Street so that meant I had to quit my job. My business literally changed business overnight. So I had no time to slow down outline what I wanted my business to look like.

Working full time with my business has always been a dream of mine but I never really thought that it would be a reality this quickly! I wanted to outline missions for 2021 and share them with you because this would be a great reference for me to look back on throughout the year and also hope this will inspire you.

Firstly, one of my missions is to make people smile with cake now this is my big mission for the year I want to produce and continue to produce delicious flavours of cake tubs, I hopefully want to have my weddings for this year, (COIVD please be nice to us). And also develop my personalised range I have a whole host of personalised treats, I want to continue to make people smile I love to receive so many comments and so many messages regarding just how much a cake tub has made someone’s day or has really helped them get through the day so I want to try my best to make people smile with cake this year.

Secondly, I want to inspire other side hustlers this is a mission of mine. When I was working at my previous job at the school library, I had so many questions just before I took the step. Thankfully I had some self-employed friends but to be honest in my circle of friends I only have one friend who has their own business. So I reached out to other people on Instagram that I admire and that was it in the position that I wanted to be in. I asked a whole host of questions. With this mission, I would love to continue to create blog posts like this that inform other business owners and also continue to share tips and tricks on my Instagram which my followers seem to love!

Thirdly, my final mission is to have a healthy business. I was really fortunate enough for my business to grow extremely quickly in the space of a couple of months, because it grew so quickly and I’m a one-woman band, I found it very hard to have boundaries with my business. I would be working extremely long hours to try and get everything finished because on top of having cake to bake I would have wholesale orders as well as other birthday cake orders. So I would like to try my best to schedule as much as possible and try and keep on top of being organised because I will then have the capacity to run a better business. Don't forget rest helps you to work better and it helps you to refuel for the work ahead for the week ahead

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So that’s it thank you so much for reading what are your intentions? What do you hope to see your business or your year looking like? I would love to continue to chat about this further so please use your are welcome to send me a direct message on Instagram or drop me an email!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!



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