Hi you!

My name is Abigail, a cake loving lady in London and the founder of M+H Cake Company. 

I haven't always been making cakes, but I have been eating them for as long as I can remember! Honestly, a large majority of my childhood photos are taken with cake or me with a chocolate bar within my hands!

I haven't always been in the world of cakes. After I finished secondary school, I decided not to follow the traditional ‘university’ route. I loved making cakes and wanted to turn my love into something to share publicly with others. I am passionate about creating cakes that not only look beautiful but also taste divine. There was no one else like me in this field and I wanted to start something to fill that gap.

At 19, it took one person to trust me with their wedding cake a couple years back and I fell in love with making wedding cakes, and I haven't stopped baking ever since! 

I provide beautifully looking and tasting cakes adorned with flowers from birthdays to weddings, I have you covered. 



Since the pandemic things took a huge shift. Weddings were no longer, meaning cakes were no longer. But people still wanted cake, so I started a little thing called Cake Mail, posting Cake Tubs and brownies across the UK this has been one of the best things since starting M+H! 

You can also find me on Not on the High Street, I sell biscuits, loaded brownies and cake hampers!

The best things is that my cake can be enjoyed across the UK where ever you are, if you by the coast in Devon or in the city of Manchester cake mail will reach you! 

If I am not baking I am most likely going for long walks, whilst listening to a podcast or some Lo-Fi, or looking after my ever growing house plant collection, some may say I am a plant mum!

To catch me on my day to days, or to have a look at my work have a peek at my social media!