Corporate Gifts


Sending a gift to your team or your clients, or having an event and you need some personalised biscuits for marketing? M+H has you covered. M+H offers beautiful handmade iced biscuits from our kitchen in London. 

Our bespoke biscuits have worked with incredible brands, we have featured in Books That Matter, WildWoman and many other fabulous UK brands.

For orders that are over 100 there is a volume discount, as the number of biscuits if you would like a custom quote on the biscuits please do send us an email for a bespoke quote.

The biscuits can be personalised from the colour scheme to a bespoke stamp with your logo. 

The perfect touch to make your business all the more personal for your clients. 

At M+H Cake Company we can provide businesses with a bespoke box of biscuits sent directly to your clients. We are able to create a stamp with any logo to beautifully adorn your biscuits. If you are a business that would like to include a personalised note to a client please do let us know and we can also include any literature from your business!

So take your pick, brownies, cake tubs of branded biscuits?