Wedding Cakes

Modern and delicious wedding cakes in London 

With over 13 years of baking experience, M+H Cakes are delicious, all of our cakes are handmade with love from our kitchen in London from start to finish. With great attention to detail ensuring that you get your dream wedding cake.


All of our cakes are entirely bespoke to cater to your event exactly!

I believe that our prices reflect the quality and effort put into all of my work. From the moment we first speak playing with ideas for your dream cake over to seeing it in real life that process is all filled with love, care, and attention. 

Please note all of my prices are from as there are many variables that can change the cake to get an accurate or to know more, price please request a quote. 

Please note that delivery and set up is offered.



We take pride in having all of our cakes entirely bespoke, you are more than welcome to increase the depth of your tiers in order to increase the number of portions!